Totally Normal Gifts

Here is a collection of totally normal, totally reasonable gifts that your friends are sure to love! Our collection is hand-curated by well-paid, free-range Tibetan monks.

We haven't figured out how to make online shopping carts yet, but you can send us a check to:
123 Main St.
Abuja, Nigeria
We will then send your totally amazing gift, pronto! Please include an extra $5.00 for gift wrapping.

Item Title Description Cost Image
Vegetable Basket This vegetable basket is the perfect gift for your health conscious (or overweight) friends! Now with super-colorful bell peppers! $15.00
Russian Nesting Dolls Hand-painted by trained monkeys, these exquisite dolls are priceless! And by "priceless," we mean "extremely expensive"! 8 entire dolls per set! Octuple the presents! $10,000.52
Fish Painting If something seems fishy about this painting, it's because it's a fish! Also hand-painted by trained monkeys! $10,005.00
Dead Parrot This is an ex-parrot! Or maybe he's only resting? $0.50
Mystery Box If you love suprises, this mystery box is for you! Do not place on light-colored surfaces. May cause oil staining. Keep your friends guessing! $1.50